Football topped the Forbes list this year, where in addition to results, the ability to make money was also weighted.

to Forbes Hungarian Edition He once again compiled the list of the most valuable Hungarian athletes this year. It is important that this list is not only about the best athletes, but also about who has the ability to make money and build the brand.

Football has made a lot of progress in the list, which can be explained by several things: on the one hand, the European Championship is still going on, but some players have built a lot on their own image. They have learned the name of a goalkeeper.

Hosszink Katinka’s first place remains unchanged compared to last year’s results, but Dominic Zuboszlai was able to tie him as a footballer without the striker entering the field of play this year, and due to his injury, he was not included in the list. A team preparing for the European Championship.

They are followed by floater Christoph Milak and the aforementioned Peter Gulacci, footballer Attila Szalay, who set a record by opening fifth on the list. The rationale for this requires that the football player Fenerbahce in Istanbul actively uses social media, as he has a large number of active fans.

Sixth and seventh place winners are not breaking the swimming and football duo, topped by Poglarca Cabas and Willy Urban, followed by tennis player Marton Vosovic, swimmer Laszlo Chih, and speed skaters Liu Shuang and Sandor Liu Shaolin.

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