According to the former Finance Minister, who is an investor, an old case that has expired has been brought up.

A police investigation is currently underway in the wake of the collapse of the world famous Hungarian company, Ivanka Factory Zrt. The designer concrete company after entering György Gattyán, then Péter Oszkó and stock exchange company with a confusing past, SET Group Plc, decided. 24 h, the article was also reviewed by

According to the article, the company founded by Katalin Ivanka and her husband, Andras Ivanka, which was also noted abroad, strengthened so much by 2017 that its annual revenue exceeded one and a half billion forints. Ivanka’s founders claim that Jatian abused their trust and played the company into Osko’s hands, while also ruling out their priority rights. Then, starting in 2018, they had less and less of an impact on what was happening in the company, SET nominated three casual men from Zala County who claimed they had no ideaThey became the leaders of a multi-billion dollar company. The company was finally liquidated in the spring of 2020.

Peter Osko in his Facebook post He writes in response to Article 24 that he considers that we are “victims of detected violations, not the perpetrators.” He writes that Article 24hu in his opinion incorrectly presents the date, process and reasons for the liquidation of the company in question.

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As he writes, the OXO Group’s own internal investigations into the Ivanka Factory Zrt case. Regarding the company’s management, finances, order management and still manages it, but this article has not reported it in sufficient detail.

According to Usko, the result of the manipulative article was nothing more than cutting off his name by referring to him in several forums, “Why does he appear now, at this time, when there is nothing new and objective in him”.

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