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Eckler Luca 4th 100m

Luca Eckler finished fourth in the 100m flat on Saturday at the Tokyo Paralympics.

The Hungarian athlete in the T38 class finished third in the first preliminary race with a time of 12.94 seconds, his time being the fourth best overall. Britain’s Sophie Hahn, who won the second race, set her world record at 12.38 am.

In the evening final, he ran five centuries slower than that, but won by 12.43. The Colombian Darian Vizori Jimenez Sanchez ranked second with a score of 12.49, while the German Lindy Ave ranked third with a score of 12.77.

Eclair, who had a stroke in 2009, paralyzed his left side as a result, but left only visible symptoms on his left palm as a result of physiotherapy and physical therapy, and was five centuries behind the podium with his morning score improving at 12.82.

“I am very happy that I was able to improve my result this morning, although I expected more from myself, I say a medal, but I was not disappointed either,” he said after the race. Colombian girl so we didn’t know what to expect. With that said, that long jump is still my main number, and we’re preparing to the max.”

As he noted, the warm-up was fine to escape, but there was still room for improvement, especially in his start, which is getting weaker because of his hands.

“I am very happy to be here. When I first saw the stadium, the lights, and then my name on the screen, next to HUN, the cold bothered me, and I thought how grateful I was to be able to compete here,” he added.

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