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Easy to calculate wall sliding door size

Easy to calculate wall sliding door size

In cases where there is not enough space to open the door leaf or leaves, or the doors are covered by something, choosing a sliding door or an accordion door is a more practical solution. However, in this case it is very important to calculate the ideal size, since their movement can still be hampered.

In this article, we write in more detail on how to easily calculate the size of a sliding door running into a wall. We will also discuss what these doors mean and what are the advantages of using them.

Sliding doors in the wall

There are two sets of sliding doors, one of which includes those that can be pushed against the wall, parallel to it. This is called a sliding door that passes in front of the wall. The other category includes those known as sliding doors that hit the wall. If this happens, we push the door panels into place in the wall. This means not only a more practical solution, but also a more elegant one. This is why it is important to Sliding door Measure its size as accurately as possible. After all, it is not very aesthetic, if it is too big, and if it is small, then it is clearly useless.

It is important to know, however, that planning must be done in advance during construction, as the location for sliding doors must be determined before the walls are put in place. Of course, you can make a wall niche out of plasterboard, but the view will be more beautiful if you determine in advance where the sliding door running in a particular wall will go. Versions made by Szalafa are guided by a top bar. This means that a smaller conductive tongue is positioned at the bottom of the device, which is not only invisible, but out of the way as well. As for double-leaf sliding doors, it does not hurt to install synchronous devices on them, which will easily and simultaneously move both flaps.

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The manufacturer places sliding door casings or handles on these types of doors, which are completely identical in material and appearance to the handles placed on other doors.

Why the built-in sliding door?

This sliding door is the best solution if you want to create a modern home for yourself. When there is not enough space, this plays a big role, as we can make better use of the space in this way. The removable sliding door rail is the manufacturer’s own invention, which allows us to easily maintain the surface. If desired, the sliding door and window can be automated later.

What size do you need?

In the case of a sliding door in the wall, before calculating the size, it is important to know the difference between the door opening and the maximum space requirement. The first is the actual height and width between the door jambs. This also includes the measured height from the finished floor. The traditional sliding door is the same as the simple interior door. Its width is usually 70 or 80 cm, while its height is 210 cm.

Of course, in this case, custom design is a much better solution, in this way we can really take advantage of its advantages. However, in terms of maximum space requirements, the total volume required for case structure installation must be taken into account. In this case, the width of the door opening and the size of the frame structure must be added to the width. In terms of height, the area between the finished floor and the eyebrow tree is crucial.

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How does the sliding door in the wall work?

The principle of operation is the same as for plaster and plaster walls. The body of the case is a structure that allows the door leaf to be hidden from view. If we move it, it disappears into the wall, regardless of the type of wall. Depending on the geographical area, these elements are called subframes, subframes, and doors.

The body of the enclosure consists of a canister that can be installed in the wall, a sliding surface for the top, and a vertical stop bar that contacts the door when closed. However, it is always important to pay attention to the quality, as resistance, uniformity and proper slip are important. When installing a good sliding door, you don’t have to rely on cracks on the wall, it’s very easy to maintain.

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