Earth-shaking everywhere in southern Hungary Szeged and Sigd and the surrounding areas والمناطق

Earth-shaking everywhere in southern Hungary Szeged and Sigd and the surrounding areas والمناطق

Our reader from Újszeged, on the Szőreg border, received a message at the beginning of May that Acoustic Kft would begin geophysical measurements on behalf of Mol Szénhidrogén Koncesszió Kft. Research on half of the province will begin in early June and be completed by the end of August at the latest.

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The goal is to assess the internal structure of the Earth in order to identify places where suitable sites for oil and natural gas accumulation may exist. The basis of the 3D measurements is that large and heavy machines artificially generate vibrations that bounce differently from the deeper layers of the Earth. A 3D image of potential hydrocarbon deposits is drawn from the detected signals.

– The entire interior of Szeged is affected by the measurement, vibration sensors are installed on almost every street, the planned density is 300 per square kilometer. The location of the points is not yet known, our experts began to explore the area, the geodetic signs of the source and sensing points – Books for our mall request. The measurement area is 316 square kilometers and also affects the settlements of Algyő, Deszk, Domaszék, Ferencszállás, Kiszombor, Klárafalva, Kübekháza, Maroslele, Röszke, Sándorfalva, Tiszasziget and jszentiván.

While the research really moves the ground, people who live in the area fear that the walls of the house will crack in all of these cases.

– We comply with the requirements of the Hungarian standard called the effect of vibrations on buildings, and constantly monitor the strength. We use vibrators of less weight indoors and constantly regulate the intensity of the vibrations emitted depending on the distance from the facilities to be protected – Books to find our Mol page.

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The company added that in 1999-2000 there was already a similar measurement in the center of Szeged and there were no cracks in the walls of the house.

In our province, the latest research has been carried out on 126 square kilometers of agricultural land in ásotthalom and Mórahalom.

The work continued for nearly two months, with 100 people commuting in the area with 50 cars each day. Vibrators vibrate approximately every square meter.

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