EA Play has teamed up, but fans of Mass Effect and Dragon Age will be disappointed

EA Play has teamed up, but fans of Mass Effect and Dragon Age will be disappointed

It was missed last year, this year E3, we can be a bit disappointed again, because outside of Microsoft’s conference we didn’t encounter a more rhythmic show. In addition to Sony, Electronic Arts also stayed away, with the latter permanently separating his own performance from the Los Angeles show. EA Play Live will take place on July 22 at 7 PM Hungarian time, but the publisher Program descriptionOther joint events are announced in addition.

So Electronic Arts wants you to watch and play them all through July, or stream 5 different shows per month that you fancy on a panel called 4 Spotlights. These features include DICE (Battlefield developers), Respawn (Apex Legends, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order), EA Sports (FIFA, Madden, and the like), and EA Originals (indie) studio games. The publisher classifies it all as EA Play Live, by the way, so we can assume the livestream will now be a month-long series of events that will hopefully culminate in the show scheduled for July 22nd with new loud announcements as well.

On July 8 also from 7 pm. A panel titled “The Future of First-person Shooting” focused on Apex and Battlefield 2042 by DICE Director Oscar Gabrielson, Director of DICE LA (also working for BF), Christian Grass, Respawn Frontman and Vince, Translated by Zampella and Chad Grenier of Apex Director the game. The panel will be hosted or managed by IGN employee Stella Chong. In addition to the new Apex and Battlefield, it is said that there will be talk of other FPS games as well as the genre in general, and the audience will be excited for the July 22 big show.

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On July 13th from 7pm. Comes a panel called “EA <3s Independent Studios" which will of course be about independent games. The event will be attended by Hazelight Itfakes Two leader Josef Fares, Lost in Random developer Olov Redmalm, Melisse Phillips and Abubakar Salim from Silver Rain Games and Knockout City developer Guha Bala. The designated host is Los Angeles Times journalist Todd Martens.

On July 19, at 1 pm. The EA Sports game, Madden NFL 22, will be the focus. In this panel, the franchise and live services will be in the spotlight, and Sean Grady, Tom Leschke and Andre Weingarten, developers at EA Sports, will talk about Madden. The supervisor here will be Nick Mesesco, commentator for the Madden Championship Series.

On July 20 from 7 pm. We get more news from EA Sports. So far, the publisher has revealed that a new game or product from the beloved EA Sports series will be announced that night.

Last but not least On July 22 at 7 pm. We got the gist of the EA Play Live demo. EA promised that a lot will be discussed here: we can also expect new gameplay demonstrations and surprises (advertisements). WWE superstar Austin Creed will be the host.

The whole thing starts with a prequel anyway, and then the dumping game begins. The publisher has stated that the games will be coming soon, so games will be on the horizon, such as Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends, and we can match the gameplay in Lost in Random.

While he didn’t stress what we can expect, it’s conceivable that there will be no talk of a new Mass Effect and a new Dragon Age, with EA saying in its statement that it’s more about near-future games than “far future”. On July 22nd. In fact, you don’t even have to guess because BioWare also noted on TwitterHe can’t show anything from any of those toys he makes. Almost everything. It will take 30 minutes.

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However, we hope that the new Dead Space, which will be a reboot / remake according to the latest rumors, will be announced on EA Play Live.

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