EA is back in golf, with the arrival of the EA Sports PGA Tour

EA is back in golf, with the arrival of the EA Sports PGA Tour


The game is already targeting the next generation of consoles.

29 Mar 2021 20:45 | Jerig | Category: Game

Since 1990, golf games have been made available year after year to Electronic Arts, And this tradition basically continued until 2015 without skipping. But at that time, the series was cut short and did not continue until now. Those who actually wanted to play golf had to look for games from other developers.

But it is EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts It is currently working with a renewed vigor to bring back some of its slightly worn, and possibly abandoned, chain into the public consciousness, and this has been reported to include EA Sports PGA Tour he is.

The game features EA Tiburon Studio, who developed several other EA Sports franchise episodes in the recent past. So far, few details are known, but you can be sure that the Frostbite engine will work during the game (as with most EA games), so there’s a good chance you’ll never complain about the visuals and the physics. You can also ensure that the EA Sports PGA Tour has already been set up specifically for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which means the developers want to harness the power of the new consoles rather than take on a game developed for their previous generation. Of course, the PC version won’t be excluded either.

It is not yet known when the game might appear, but during its official unveiling, the phrase “soon” was released for it. ■

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