EA Criterion and Codemasters Cheshire merged

EA Criterion and Codemasters Cheshire merged

Electronic Arts is a true superhero team to take back Need for Speed. Criterion, who developed the next episode, joined Codemasters Cheshire.

The need for a speed leak on mobile hasn’t been the only need for speed news until now. Codemasters have been trampling the Electronic Arts mill since last year been confirmed, That the publisher has merged the Northwest studio team, Codemasters Cheshire, with the Criterion Games Brigade, which until now has been completely independent of them. Although the combined studio’s staff will continue to work from their separate offices, veteran racing game developers’ projects will now be shared.

It is clear that Electronic Arts’ goal is to create a powerful and expert development studio that can manage the future of the Need for Speed ​​series with a strong hand. Looking back at a long history but producing mediocre results with recent episodes, Criterion, still known for its Burnout, Hot Pursuit, and Most Wanted games, has planned a really cool new title with the Codies team. This fall!

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