E3: 2021 – Ubisoft Forward Event

The French company is scheduled to issue a number of announcements this evening.

With E3 delayed last year, this year’s show is special in every respect, even if we’re not getting live subscriptions this year either, but we’re only getting the latest reveal through live broadcasts. After Wholesome Direct, which deals with independent titles, the first major show will be delivered to us by Ubisoft, Ubisoft Striker Their show, named after him, began at 21:00 Hungarian time. Surprises, new trailers, and other details expected about their future games, it might be worth watching the performance.

During the live broadcast, we also brought you the live chat that we have also seen in previous exhibitions, where we can also talk to each other live about the events watched during the presentations. Chat will be available from 20:45 and can only be used during the event. Moderation will be applied the same way, so engage in the conversation accordingly.

There will be continuous news about the matches and news to be announced during the live broadcast GAMEPOD.huIt is central On our E3 group page It can also be found by those who can only view previews in the morning. Those interested will be able to watch the Ubisoft conference in a few hours.

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