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Dynamic Leader David Miller - Blake

Dynamic Leader David Miller – Blake

– I really like its design, not to mention the 19-spoke rims and red calipers. It’s also true that when I first heard it meant green, my eyes widened, but it was as amazing as it was not yet annoying–it looked like a new car from the presenter, who, after trying the car, crafted it at nearly a thousand miles.

David Miller can even bathe his dog in the car

“I got it just before the big Christmas rush, I drove hundreds and maybe thousands of miles in a week and we found each other a lot, it’s been a better driving experience every time,” said the presenter, who considers it “a better driving experience every time”, dynamic but attentive, good driver. He himself, pays so much attention to his surroundings that sometimes he mutes the music because it disturbs him out of focus.

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– Moreover, I continue to comment on events: why do you go to him, why do you not index him, why do you turn around like that, surely you do not have to do this, do not look at your phone. But it’s all for me,” laughed David, who prides himself on being a very polite captain.

“I let the cars in, I let all the pedestrians through, and I really pay attention to others, because that’s the only way we can go forward,” said the young man, who was especially happy with one thing in the car.

“It’s important to me to have a place for my dog ​​and my hunting gear.” The space of the car is very good, the rear seats can be folded down so that the fishing rod fits smoothly, and where the spare wheel is, there is an eighty liter plastic tub that can be lowered from the bottom and in good quality Great mud ride. I can shower the axle so the car doesn’t get dirty yet that”.

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