Dwayne Johnson az „egyik legnagyobb és legmenőbb” játékból készít filmet, amivel ő is sokat játszott bevezetőkép

Dwayne Johnson makes a movie out of ‘one of the biggest and coolest games’ he’s ever played

The project will be announced this year and I’m very excited about it.

We won’t be lacking this year either Film and Television In video game adaptations, as well as Cinema Uncharted, for example, the show Cuphead (or Cuphead and Bögrearc in Hungarian) finally arrives, with Sonic and Mario returning from the screen. In addition, in various modifications, more and more names appear in the main roles, and for the company it was marked by the name Pedro Pascal or Tom Holland, a favorite of Hollywood BodybuilderDwayne Johnson has also joined Rampage in the past. This is not all.

Rock said in an interview that the video player is scheduled to be revealed in 2022, but he has not yet been able to determine the title. This is exactly what he answered when asked about the player’s relationship to culture, Xbox, and possible formation of the games character:

It’s always great madden– I was a fan. I can’t tell you which game to tackle, but there will be an announcement this year. We are going to have one of the biggest and most amazing toys on canvas. A game I’ve been playing for years. I am so excited to introduce it to fans all over the world. Sure, we wouldn’t make it out with our fellow gamers, but mostly we’d make a good movie.”

Johnson said.

Of course, many on social media immediately had tips on which game to play from the former WWE superstar, in funny pics SiberothAnd connectiona TF2-es Heavyor just one minecraft rocks Split his role into Johnson. Some of the game’s publishers have even made their own copies, like Sid Meier’s Civilization or Between Us, which fascinates the actor. Also, Ed Boon joined the line, saying it would be “excellent Shao Kahn” from The Rock, which even the latest In the Mortal Kombat sequel It can also happen.

Then who knows, maybe Johnson is shooting an autobiography and thinking it’s himself Listed in Fortnite.

We still have something to tell you, you’ll find all the interesting stuff here!

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