DVSC: Variations on a theme, or Let’s see how lovely Saturday night can be

As we already wrote on our portal, DVSC won an impressive 3-1 victory at home to Ferencváros last Saturday, which put the team in a great position. Before the last round, round 33 – after round 23 – the team climbed to the podium again, and if they beat Újpest on Saturday night, it’s absolutely certain that the players and the pro machine will get medals.

But it doesn’t matter what, because it can lead to silver, which was the last instance at the end of the 2007-08 season. If the bronze medal comes together, it would also be worthwhile to appear in the international cup – so, you don’t have to turn the pages again in the calendar, because Vasoutas finished third in the 2018-2019 competition.

You have to win, and then there will be no problem

Let’s take a closer look at the two scenarios! Opponents Luki (51 points) in the battle for the podium are Keskemét (54), Puskas Akademia (50) and Pax (48).

In order to get second place, Kecskemé must lose, and DVSC must win, because in that case, given the exact identity, the number of wins will be from the standings, and then Balázsék Dzudzsák will have one (15) more than they.

If Debrecen wins and KTE wins too, Debrecen will finish at the bottom of the podium – then it doesn’t matter what Puskás Academy and Paks play. If the red and white teams tie, the first team must lose a point to retain third place. If, God forbid, Lokomotív remains without points on Saturday, then everything will not be lost, because even if Puskás and Paks do not win, they will still be on the podium (in case of success in Atomváros, there will be no difference in points, the more victories you win Achieved will be for the benefit of the Tolna team).

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In a somewhat inexplicable way, MLSZ fixed the championship for Kecskemé and the Paks on Friday, so that evening we will know if there is a chance for second place, or if it is “only” possible to fight for third place on Saturday.

Juice is also at stake

Since the finish of the teams is not only interesting from the point of view of prestige and the start of the international cup, but also from a financial point of view. As Csakfoci.hu pointed out, it doesn’t matter for Loki either, in the end he will win a silver medal, or only fifth, because according to their information, the difference between the two places is about HUF 150 million, but for example, there is also HUF 130 between the second places Fourth, a million difference.

Because of the betting, the exact schedule for Round 33 was only revealed on Monday.

Kecskemét-Kisvárda (start at 6.15 p.m.) and ZTE-Paks (8.30 p.m.) will take place on Friday, on Saturday the matches of DVSC-Újpest, Puskás Akademia-Budapest Honvéd and Vasas-Fehérvár will be held uniformly from 8 p.m. – Ferencvaros (5.30pm) The match will take place on Sunday. Matches will be broadcast on M4 Sport as planned.

Since the Debrecen Drive takes place on a weekend, fans should expect it more than usual Much less There will be a parking space due to the closure, so it will be beneficial to leave on time and preferably approach Nagyerdei Stadium on foot or by public transport.


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