DVSC has been severely punished - Haidosage residents will appeal

DVSC has been severely punished – Haidosage residents will appeal

Both Debrecen VSC and Paksi FC were fined at the Hungarian Football Association’s disciplinary committee meeting on December 16, according to a federation statement.

She was received by DVSC because of its fans (Photo: Peter Kovacs)

Debrecen VSC was punished after its fans shouted obscenities and obscenities against both the FTC and Újpest, and used pyrotechnic devices.

“SB obliges DVSC to pay a fine for acts of disorder (shouting, obscene expressions, repeated use of pyrotechnic devices) in connection with disturbing crowd arrangement in the guest league and the FTC against Újpest.”

The federation no longer announces the level of penalties this season, except that a on dvsc.hu According to the published post, the residents of Haidosaj will have to pay a fine of 2.2 million HUF. As it turns out, Debrecen has received a fine of 4.5 million fortnites this season, which is a huge financial burden for the club. For this reason, the DVSC management is considering petitioning the assembly, as well as ending the chain of penalties by tightening the rules of the course.

In NB I, in addition to the DVSC, Paks were also fined after Tolna County supporters used a pyrotechnic device in a showdown against Puskás Academy.

Decision on other tournaments by clicking here can be read.

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