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Dutch tulips are heated using bitcoins instead of natural gas

Dutch tulips are heated using bitcoins instead of natural gas

Cryptocurrency mining takes a lot of energy, so at least some of it is useful.

the different for cryptocurrency For years, it was seen by many as the key to fabulous fortunes, although only a few astute speculators and fortune hunters actually succeeded. the collapse this year He noted that despite digital money, or if we go further, blockchain technology may have its benefits, but not in the way that many believe so far.

Despite this, to this day, huge sums of money are being moved around on cryptocurrency exchanges – I mean, huge exchanges. FTX– and cryptographers are still working hard. Speaking of mining: One of the serious disadvantages of cryptocurrency is the orbital amount of energy used in mining: White House According to its statistics, the electricity consumption of global cryptocurrencies is about 120-240 billion kilowatt-hours per year, which is more than the annual electricity consumption of, for example, Argentina or Australia.

In the Netherlands, they figured out how to use waste heat for encryption (Photo: Unsplash/Esther Gorlee)

However, due to the energy crisis affecting Europe, at least one bitcoin miner has found itself in a surprising situation, according to reports. euronews. Because of the high energy bills, Dutch tulip growers had to look for an alternative solution, since the flowers are produced all year round in the Benelux state, which are sent all over the world.

Some producers have decided to close for this year due to higher gas prices and to see how things go next year. However, in some cases this amounts to bankruptcy

– summed up the situation Danielle Koning, who makes a living growing tulips.

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Struggled by energy bills, Koning came up with an odd idea: He teamed up with a bitcoin mining company to heat the tulips in the greenhouse using their servers’ heat used for cryptocurrency. The machines used in mining get dangerously hot when doing the maths that make up mining, so a mutually beneficial situation arose: tulips enjoy the heat, while a Dutch miner has less trouble cooling their servers.

The servers are powered by solar panels installed on the roofs of the tulip farm greenhouses, which greatly reduces the electricity costs and environmental impact of mining. As part of the collaboration, the tulip farm and the cryptomining company share ownership of the servers and bitcoins mined in this way. The employees of the latter visit the tulip farm every month to clean the servers from dust and insects.

Influenced Bitcoin Brabant owner Bert de Groot pointed out that the result of the collaboration is “carbon negative,” because renewable energy does not mean using fossil energy carriers, but plants producing pure oxygen during photosynthesis. “crypto-tulips” anyway for bitcoin It can also be purchased.

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