Dutch Prime Minister Apologizes For Lifting Restrictions Too Early

Dutch Prime Minister Apologizes For Lifting Restrictions Too Early

Mark Rutte I apologize for lifting restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic in June, euronews. In the Netherlands, I was relieved last month, but as a result, the number of infections has risen to levels not seen this year.

The Dutch prime minister told reporters on Monday that their calculations were wrong and disappointed and they apologized.

Rutte also spoke of the number of infections rising at a faster pace than previous accounts had shown.

In the Netherlands, two weeks after lifting most emergency measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic, the government announced further austerity measures on Friday.

Bars, restaurants and cafes must close completely from midnight on weekends, while discos and other music clubs must close completely. Restaurants that remain open must implement stricter spacing rules, and function rooms can accommodate up to two-thirds of their capacity.

The head of government called for the necessary measures. He also said that, according to the latest data, the number of infections per day is approaching seven thousand, while the index recently hovers around five hundred. Most of the new infected are young people under the age of 30, and the delta variant of the coronavirus is responsible for the unusual increase in the number of cases.

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