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During one visit, she received 4 root canals, 8 crowns and 20 fillings – claims a Minnesota woman seeking compensation from her dentist

During one visit, she received 4 root canals, 8 crowns and 20 fillings – claims a Minnesota woman seeking compensation from her dentist

The marathon dental surgery took five and a half hours, and according to the patient's lawsuit, the dentist gave him twice the amount of anesthesia he should have received.

A Minnesota woman has filed a lawsuit against her dentist, who claims the specialist performed 4 root canals, placed 8 crowns and 20 fillings on her teeth in one visit, causing her excruciating pain.

But about the story a report According to the New York Post, the dentist forged documents. He did not specifically describe the amount of anesthesia he administered to his patient.

Kathleen Wilson He filed a civil lawsuit Thursday in a Minnesota court accusing him Dr. Kevin MuldremittThat in July 2020 he performed a serious amount of intervention on his dentures in one session over five and a half hours.

After undergoing several hours of dental surgery, Wilson, according to the affidavit, experienced severe pain, shame and anxiety. She ended up seeing several other dentists to repair the damage Dr. Muldream had done to her teeth.

According to her lawsuit, the dentist gave her too much anesthesia and falsified medical records to avoid prosecution.

Kathleen Wilson is seeking $50,000 in damages from Dr. Kevin Muldream to compensate for the damage to her mental and physical health.

Armed with the expert opinion of another dentist practicing in Florida, the plaintiff took the case to trial. Wilson visited her Dr. Avrum Goldstein According to Dr. Mulgrim, he correctly diagnosed in July 2020 that “almost every tooth” in his patient’s mouth had decayed, but the treatment performed a week later was woefully inadequate.

He needed a slow, deliberate, careful and thoughtful response to his illness. (…) Trying to stuff every hole in every tooth in her mouth in one visit not only contravened necessary steps, it was not possible in a humane, efficient, or constructive way.

– He wrote in his expert opinion dated November of this year.

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Dr. Goldstein said his colleague's attempt to restore all of Wilson's teeth in one visit did not adequately address Wilson's susceptibility to disease or potential tooth loss.

In addition, according to Dr. Mulgrim, he administered twice the permissible amount of anesthetic to his patient for the marathon procedure.

Dentists at the University of Minnesota were finally able to stabilize Kathleen Wilson's mouth after several months of treatment, but before that all of her teeth had to be replaced and implants put in place, the lawsuit states.

According to the New York tabloid, Dr. Kevin Muldream has not yet commented on the matter.

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