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Dungeons & Twitchers: This is what Hungarian streamers would look like in fantasy

Dungeons & Twitchers: This is what Hungarian streamers would look like in fantasy

Midjourney’s possibilities are endless, and so are its users. AI has turned Twitchers into fictional heroes this time around.

The hottest technical topic of the past few months (and the next two years) is certainly AI and its potential uses. It’s almost more useful for morphing celebrities with the help of image generators, however

Why do we miss jumping when we can have a good laugh?

In our opinion, the Hungarian Twitchers whom Conte has chosen for the noble cause are also having a great time. The latest YouTuber gem spotted by GameStar: as written64 videos from local Twitch stars (ex. Nessaj, Knight Priest Or TheVR Team) in the compilation.

You can see them just like fictional heroes in this few-minute video:

0:09 2sofix
0:13 Adam Kissack
0:17 Akfadmaza
0:21 Alexovich
0:25 Alphonsine
0:29 Abitrac
0:33 Eszapokristoff
0:37 Honest
0:41 Playyplays
0:45 Brucella
0:49 Yes
0:53 Crappa
0:57 Christian
1:01 Coco 0015
1:05 Dana
1:09 Deadfox 15
1:13 Dormion
1:17 Iziki
1:21 Miklos Vekete
1:25 Verigtv
1:29 Vodamite
1:33 Funwithgeeks Dave
1:37 Germeister 3
1:41 Hucudli
1:45 The IceBlue Bird
1:49 K0aru
1:53 Kratas
1:57 Kitbo
2:01​ A catnip
2:05 Kodiak_official
2:09 agglomeration dám
2:13 county 1337
2:17 Krish
2:21 Mr Sirmai
2:25 What people have is pie
2:29 Mirajibuto_
2:33 Minx
2:37 Mogax
2:41 Mohosho
2:45 Mr. Chief
2:49 Natasha 02
2:53 Weaver
2:57 Nesty
3:01 Omgzgonzy
3:05 Knight Priest
3:09 Pierce
3:13 Warrior Penguin
3:17 Recal
3:21 Razah
3:25 rag doll
3:29 Rocky
3:33 Reuben
3:37 Swiss
3:41 Sun Zone
3:45 Syrian
3:49 Sz_riri
3:53 Tanklet
3:57 TheVRJani
4:01 TheVRPisti
4:05 Thes
4:09 Ujvi86hun
4:13 Vivian Bitner
4:17 a.m. Yeah, down
4:21 Joziatia

However, not all that is AI is gold:

Artists sued artificial intelligence – you won’t believe what the accusation is!

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