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Duel and chaos word – after responsibility, opposition parties also quarrel over positions

Duel and chaos word - after responsibility, opposition parties also quarrel over positions

Power belongs to the people – a message from the opposition. After the failure of the elections, internal conflicts resumed and intensified, as did the tradition of private bargaining on the left. There are now a few parliamentary seats in place, while Ferenc Gyurcsany appears to be increasing his influence. After Jobbik, the SE “approaches” the LMP, the MSZP is looking for a place, the “momentum” is “resisting” and the dialogue will become independent. Complicating matters further is the fact that Peter Markie G. has also not given up on his national political ambitions. Confusion and confusion on the left at the moment.

The dialogue won, but they also want to get Marky Z’s mandate Western Lite The debate began over a parliamentary seat on the list. It is known that after a few days of reflection, the candidate for prime minister, who also failed in his individual district, decided not to sit in the new parliament that will be formed in early May.

Speaking of which, he suggested that he should join Schuss-Hazy’s suggestion that Bernadette Zell, who was the lowest in the Bodakese district, should be given his mandate against Tamas Minzier of Fides. However, this will only be possible if the six opposition parties submit a joint proposal. and after

DK and Jobbik, as far as we know, are against this solution, in fact,

Thus, the next candidate on the list can get the authorization that Dialogue has also subscribed to, as mentioned in the above article.

The western light is there

The language of the Western Light article is certainly eloquent, leaving no doubt as to the mood that might be on the left. And it’s also not about how small parties and MZPs are viewed in the DK. We quote:

“Slowly, all party members (dialogue – editor) will become members of Parliament. It is known that Peter Marche-Zay lost the fourth constituency of Chungrad-Kasanad district to Janos Lazar by more than 11 percent, resigning from the list. Telex now reports the start of a fight Inside the opposition over who will get Mark-Zay’s mandate listed. Tape

A party called Dialogue wins 0% over the divisions and can form a faction of seven,

As the unreserved state of Gergeli Caraxone belongs to them, Tema in Szabo is not satisfied with it, and I would like to receive Peter Marche’s mandate also. In the dialogue, they argued that they thought Marky Z would have been seated in their faction, so they would have a place. However, according to many opposition parties, Mark G.’s vacant mandate is not about dialogue. According to Jobbik’s explanation, if Márki-Zay doesn’t take up his mandate, the list will automatically swing an extra place, so Noemi Vig, a right-wing man at number 39, can get the mandate.”

say Telex article according to “The political community for the dialogue will make a decision in due course on who will receive the mandate of Peter Markie G.” But that does not appear to be their decision.

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But not only Márki-Zay, he also started and then retired in pre-election

Unlike Gergeli Karaxone and Hodemzovasarli mayor, Clara Dobrev, who came in lower in the second round, will not participate in the National Assembly either.

Following the above logic, Danielle Manhalter of DK and Zoltán Szelényi of MSZP, who are 40th on the list, could in principle secure a seat in the House of Representatives for 199 people. It is conceivable that Manhalter would join the LDP faction immediately, as Gyurcsany’s party took over, to help the LDP, which was not yet present in the new legislature with four people enough to form the faction. The solution is not new: in the previous parliament, Anett Bősz, now of DK, then independent Tamás Mellár, and Sándor Burány, MSZP, facilitated the three-person dialogue at the time.

Of course, it is also possible, and even more likely, that an agreement will eventually be reached between the opposition parties to fill the seats vacated by Dobrev and Christmas until the beginning of the session, when there is a clear party affiliation so that the parties involved can propose a replacement.

Jobbik did not respond to our request until our article was published. Anyway, some tensions also arose as a result of the DK’s assistance to the LMP. Bence Torday, who aspires to chair the dialogue, told Telex why closer cooperation between the two parties could not be considered. According to him, the Hungarians

They have formed a very close alliance with the DK led by Ferenc Gyurcsany”And

Nor does it consider the merger of the two Green Parties realistic because some have introduced LMP “Green Section of the DK”.

For LMP Péter Ungár reaction: “I can imagine some pathetic and unnecessary justification of the wholly futile opposition of than if the two Green Parties, who do not cross the parliamentary threshold, two weeks after their grievous defeat in the fourth thirds, begin to harden each other.”

Either way, by “giving an actor”, Gyurcsány sticks to the LMP, presumably to increase his influence in the opponent’s space. At the same time, András Schiffer, founder of the LMP, did not find a just letter to Torday. As I wrote, Torday “Any party owes its existence to the fact that after splitting from the founding party against the government led by Gyurcsany, it was already asked to be on the list that was exacerbated by Ferenc Gyurcsany in 2014 and the party that did so only in 2022 says it. At least they provide entertainment,” says the party. However, it has also emerged that Dialogue is trying to break away from the MSZP which has been much weakened, at least in the European Parliament elections.

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cap board. Ágnes Kunhalmi, Bence Tordai, gnes Vadai, Tímea Szabó and Olivio Kocsis-Cake in Parliament (MTI)

Not satisfied, I declare a new resistance rocker

From all this it becomes clear that DK, respectively

Ferenc Gyurcsany controls the opponent’s space, in close alliance with Jobbik, who is already suffering heavy losses under Peter Jakab.

They decide the main issues. By the way, Bernadette Zell, who was starting his term as a representative of the Liberal Democratic Party, was in 206th place on the list of the national opposition, he would have needed an individual victory, which in the end was not achieved. According to Hazazi, the politician And his failure as a result of the bad decisions of the opposition parties. His constituency was known to be a seesaw: if the opposition slate had not been so disastrous for the country, Bernadette Zell would have won easily, but it was also clear that he would have lost in the event of a bad national result. However, the agreement between the parties did not allow an independent representative not affiliated with the parties to take the lead in the list. on a slate that cannot be voted on in the primaries.”

By the way, Hazazi suggests that representatives of the opposition parties not sit in Parliament, a kind of new resistance should begin, but for the time being, the boycott of the opening session was accepted only by the momentum, and it is now. Enter Parliament.

MZP comes out, but stays in national politics

What really complicates the left party, already burdened with conflicts and competition for internal power, is the fact that Marky Z., who mainly blames Orbán’s regime for the defeat, has announced that he will form a new party. He did so in his Easter message, that he no longer had a trace of the tone of self-criticism, or even the DK, which he had previously called the “Bolshevik Party”. On the contrary, he explained that in the system built by Viktor Orban it is impossible for the opposition to win, and therefore mistakes made have no role in failure.

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Despite all this, he called for the formation of a “civil party” to which the European People’s Party would join. However, many of his former supporters had already been drawn to his side, and in one of his main allies, Katalin Lucacci, a former KDNP member, the idea of ​​a nun’s job was beginning to ripen. Anyway, according to research by the Viewpoint Institute

Opposition sympathizers blame Gyurcsany and the MHP for the fiasco, not coalition building.

It is known that the leader of the list had previously discussed the Joint List due to the loss of Jobbik supporters. KDP politicians, including Çapa Chiglidi, also held accountable for Girgili Karaksuni, who was stepping down in the primaries. It is already difficult to adapt to the search for scapegoats, Gyurcsány comprehensively explained the reasons he thinks about, but the essence of his interpretation is simple: “We would have won with Clara Dobrev.”

Hungary vs. Paid

In any case, Marke Z., who withdraws to Hódmezővásárhhly and is condemned by both the DK and Jobbik, does not seem to want to leave national politics either, but his chances are very limited. Erzsébet Gy. Németh, currently the deputy mayor of Budapest, who will be replaced by another Croatian Democratic Party politician at City Hall, will certainly sit in Parliament.

We will not boycott anything because we do not see the solution to the limited opportunities for dissent with more restraint. And we will not boycott anything because we understand that no one but the most committed opposition electorate cares about our lament.” – Péter Ungár of the LMP reacted to Momentum’s action, saying that a demand for a complete rethink of their policy after the fourth trimester is justified. “But if we think that the Hungarian people will choose the opposition over Fidesz if we make politics by attending the opening session of Parliament, we are afraid that we are going in the very wrong direction.” said one of the most self-critical opposition politicians.

Illustration for our opening photo: Peter Markie G., joint six-party opposition prime ministerial candidate (row 1, B2), next to Timi Szabo, leader of the Dialogue faction, and parliamentary candidate for the opposition coalition in Budapest’s 10th constituency (row 1, b), Erzsébet Schmuck, LMP Co-Chair (b2), Ágnes Kunhalmi, MSZP Co-Chair(s), Reverend Gábor Iványi, founder of the Hungarian Evangelical Brotherhood (j3), Anna Donath, President of Momentum (j2), Peter Jakab, President of Jobbik, for its general assembly For Hungary in Budapest, at the Technical University dock on March 15, 2022. Bertalan Toth, co-chair of MSZP, behind Gergely Karácsony (MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry) behind Ágnes Kunhalmi

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