Due to his father's illness, Gáspár's youngest daughter Győz studies

Due to his father’s illness, Gáspár’s youngest daughter Győz studies

Gáspár Győző and Bea’s youngest daughter avoid the rivalry in which her parents and sister live. He also chose a career on this basis, in which his father played a major role mental problemBecause the head of the family has been suffering from panic disorder and depression for years.

Zahra Gaspar was known in the country as a little girl when the couple and their daughters were living their daily lives in front of a country. Gáspár’s youngest daughter withdrew from the cast as quickly as possible and has been protecting her privacy ever since. Zahra is graduating this year, the writing is already over and she is really looking forward to going to university.

he told Pepper Interested in Gáspár Virág, who also admitted what drove him to make his decision.

“I am primarily interested in medicine, particularly the human mind and soul. I find it interesting how diverse we are, but in some way the same. Of course, I also want to become a psychiatrist because of my father, because I have seen for a long time what his mental illness is doing to him. I talk to him So much about this.And I recently bought him a book on psychology, which he really likes anyway. I hope I can help him overcome his demons one day as a pro – Gáspár Győz’s youngest daughter, who hopes to move to the capital with her partner to continue her studies, concluded her thoughts.

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