Due to an administrative error, the Hungarian family's surname has been changed

Due to an administrative error, the Hungarian family’s surname has been changed

The telex One of her readers asked for his grandfather’s birth certificate because he needed it to apply to the nursing home, and a few weeks later the office informed them that due to an administrative error many years ago, not only the grandfather’s birth certificate, but also your last name for other family members.

According to the justification, this could have happened because when checking the grandfather’s birth certificate, the office also had to check the great-grandfather’s birth certificate when they noticed a discrepancy.

At the time, the grandfather was named after his mother for family reasons. Everyone knew him by this last name, but after about 100 years it turned out that it was recorded in a completely different way.

As a result, the office announced that it should immediately improve the central digital system if it noticed a discrepancy in the grandparents’ birth certificate. A Telex reader was only informed that his last name had changed.

Soon, this became a problem for him, because he had to go to a lawyer for a real estate deal, as he was told that his official documents and the registry had different names, so the process was halted.

The Hungarian Helsinki Commission wrote to the newspaper that in such cases, a redress mechanism on the part of the offices would be necessary. they said

It is possible that the Office has acted strictly in accordance with the law, but if so, Hungarian laws are inconsistent with the European Convention on Human Rights, which foresees that in the absence of a compelling public interest, states should not interfere in such an arbitrary way in the The private life of its citizens, which is also part of the right to name.

Anyway, the story did not end here. After telex contacted the relevant authorities on the matter, and although they did not receive an answer, after two weeks the reader received a message that they would undo everything.

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The office wrote: In the meantime, it turned out that the family still deserved the former title. It is not yet clear why this happened, but the family does not want to deal with him any further.

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