Drones also help with warehouse work

Drones also help with warehouse work

October 2, 2021 12:13 am, Saturday

Robotic aircraft can also be used for many tasks inside buildings.

Founded in 2014 Truth AG It operates innovative unmanned aerial vehicles at night in some warehouses. Although the idea may seem surreal, in reality, drones can be used very effectively indoors. Models equipped with lights and sensors, as well as software and cameras, can be used to scan barcodes, inventory and digital inventory checks, among other things.

Founded by Raffaello D’Andrea, professor at ETH Zurich, the company conducts basic research in its lab and is now a pioneer in autonomous robotic aircraft systems. The technology’s success has been demonstrated by presentations from Verity Studios. Verity unmanned aerial vehicles have proven to be extremely safe and reliable.

Marcus Hen, co-founder and chief technical officer of Verity, has been instrumental in developing software for warehouse night work, developing learning algorithms that allow quadcopters to fly on a zigzag path and drones already capable of learning autonomous navigation. Research by graduate Federico Augugliaro, another ETH Zurich employee, has influenced potential application areas. The specialist studied how to coordinate the movement of fleets of robotic aircraft in order to be able to perform more complex tasks, such as flying with assembled structures or building a suspension bridge.

Verity drones have so far flown over 300,000 flights in 20 countries. Raffaello D Andrea highlightedThat their employees want to solve social problems and bring about social change. They already have more than a hundred patents registered and are seeking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The first fleet of drones will be used in the warehouses of the Danish shipping and logistics group DSV and IKEA. The service can significantly simplify inventory and at the same time increase the quality of storage. It’s no coincidence that by next year Verity will be running nearly all of its robotic aircraft capacity.

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