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Dream about how beautiful they are together: Banca Jesica and Schubert Norbecka appeared together (photo)

Dream about how beautiful they are together: Banca Jesica and Schubert Norbecka appeared together (photo)

No one thought of this, but now everything has appeared. It suddenly happened to Schubert Norbecka, whom I knew well from Farm VIP.

The daughter of Carole Gestici and Claudia Liptai, she has been modeling for some time in addition to her schooling. Now, on the other hand, the Sugarbird brand has imagined a handsome, blonde-haired, athletic boy next to Panka on the catwalk.

The choice fell on Schubert Norbeca.

Karoly Gezetici's dream has come true, he is Claudia's greatest helper -

Karoly Gezetici’s dream has come true, he is Claudia’s greatest helper –

with Banca We’ve been very good so far, and I’m glad he was there by my side, because he already has a routine with this. It was fine, he encouraged me the whole time, even though I wasn’t nervous anyway. On Friday, I received an offer that they would be very happy for me to present the brand’s first men’s collection as a model on Sunday, with Banca. I thought about it, and had doubts, because I had never done this before, but my mother finally convinced me to do it, it would be a good adventure and I could meet new people. He was right, because I really enjoyed it and didn’t feel cramped at all.” said the to blink Norbeca.

However, she will not be able to model professionally in the long term.

I had never done a photo shoot before, so it was a great experience for me. If such a request arises in the future, I will gladly accept it, however I will not be able to do this on a permanent basis. I certainly wouldn’t be able to stand others telling me how to shape my body – pointed out.

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Rica Robyn and her husband are very proud of the kids, but Norbeca was accompanied by her sister Lara on the show.

Here’s a picture of Banka and Norbeka!

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