Dramatic confession of former VáloVílág actor: 'I was born dead'

Dramatic confession of former VáloVílág actor: ‘I was born dead’

The former reality show actor testifies about his life in a new volume, The Ferris Wheel, which has been full of tough situations from the start. “I was born dead!” – We get to know Oggy, who miraculously came back to life. After he was born hypoxic, when they had almost succumbed to him, later other experiences awaited him: abuse at school, the private environment of the real world, in which the participants were as if they were experimental monkeys: where they were starving, as they had to sleep on the balcony at Chill, as they jumped on each other with different tasks. In addition, the show’s fame accompanied Ági for a long time, and even hampered Ági’s success: like a lingering bad joke, he couldn’t get rid of the role of VV. She had to face another crisis when, like hers, her son was born with hypoxia, as a result of which he began life as a crying baby with headaches, and was later diagnosed with ADHD. “First of all I would like to say that I am not a psychologist, I am not a coach, I am only telling my story, but very frankly. So the best definition of my book genre can be the term ‘autobiography’. If this mundane, conflict-ridden book lifts up others and gives them strength, I am of course happy with that. So I recommend my book to all who are interested in my story, and who are interested in the extraordinary life of a simple woman from Fehérvár.”

Featured image: Attila Glázer / fotocentral.hu

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