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Dragons and zeppelins in the New Arc Line RPG

Dragons and zeppelins in the New Arc Line RPG

the fulcrum It is produced under the sponsorship of the publisher Dream games The studio’s new game that was announced a few days ago New arc line, which would enhance the field of role-playing games on both computers and consoles. Since some games have recently raised the bar so high in the genre, it won’t be easy if you want to prevail.

The story will be set in a very strange Steampunk world, where magic and technology (not much) fit comfortably together. This also means that large machines and vehicles, as well as fantastical creatures, can easily appear on screen at the same time. Our hero grasps at the last straw and arrives in the big city of Newark in the hope that rapid technological development or ancient magic will help him find a cure for the disease that is affecting his entire family.

But of course, this alone would not be enough of a joke, in fact the city only appears at first glance to be a Mecca of development and prosperity. Tempers simmer beneath the surface, and tension grows between believers in ancient magic and followers of technology against each other. The rich exploit the poor, people hunt monsters and similar delicacies are common on the streets. It depends on which players will be on which side in this battle.

Whichever side they choose, their primary gameplay will be in their own hands, as they can achieve their goals through deception, harsh language, alliances, and any other means of diplomacy. Naturally, there will be times when all that’s left is to fight, but you won’t have to fight these things alone either, as we’ll be able to gather a whole small team around us. Battles will be divided into rounds, where good tactics and a smart mix of weapons and spells can be the key to success.

New Arc Line will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series

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