Dragonflies are affected very strangely by climate change

Dragonflies are affected very strangely by climate change

Male dragonflies usually try to win the hearts of ladies with their beautiful wings patterns, but this may soon become a thing of the past: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Published in a scientific journal study This is because by adapting to changing climatic conditions and rising temperatures, the animals begin to let go of their darker wing patterns and switch to their lighter, possibly undivided wings.

Experts fear that this will make females less aware of males and reduce their reproduction. writes CNN. Because of global warming, these changes are likely to accelerate and it will be difficult for females to follow.

The researchers analyzed more than 300 species of dragonflies from the United States, Canada and Mexico, and compared the patterns and colors of 2,700 male dragonflies from different locations and climates. Previous research has shown that dark-winged dragonflies feel comfortable in colder climates, and now it has been discovered that

Animals produce less melanin on their wings when the environment is warmer.

Dark wings can increase a dragonfly’s body temperature by up to two degrees Celsius in heat, destroy wing tissues and reduce their defenses, all of which can pose a potential danger to animals.

The findings only apply to male dragonflies, and females drastically do not respond to climate change – and the cause remains unknown.

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