Drag queen show at the Los Angeles Zoo

At the Los Angeles Zoo, visitors can not only admire lions and penguins, but also enjoy a drag queen show, that is, transvestite striptease shows. A Fox News reporter immediately took to recording that some of the show’s participants proudly ignored the fact that they just wanted to entertain the kids.

A Fox News report reminded us that although drag queen shows have been criticized in the US, they still spread like wildfire. According to the reporter’s report, the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Garden has advertised the program not only for adults, but also specifically for children. Prior to the coverage, Fox News interviewed the director of the zoo’s equality program, who categorically denied that the show contained any sexual content.

However, the report recordings clearly show transvestites fondling themselves, touching their genitals, and speaking obscenities in front of children. After the event, the program’s administrator refused to respond to a question if he insisted there was no sexual aspect to the programme.


The Fox News article was translated by hírdó.hu.

Cover image source: unsplash.com

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