Doroge won the women’s archery competition

The members of the darts section of Dorogi AC participated in many competitions again. Catalin Pietro-Vajda came first in the women’s darts competition held in Balatonvenice!

Katalin Petró-Vajda, a player from the Dorogi AC darts division, won the women’s darts competition at the Ászgád Sports Festival held in Balatonfenyves. In the competition that was held according to the direct elimination system (two wins, 301 single exits), in which 14 people participated, he deservedly deserved the first place award.

The boys weren’t bored either, since the second. They participated in the final round of the Aranyló series, as well as in the final. The final round started with a full house, 24 people. Ádám Felföldi was the most serious, by winning the championship he had the most points, and finally won the regular season, then he could wait for the final as the top seed. So the gold medal went to Dorog again. The silver medal went to Bence Gyourko, who played brilliantly all night, leading 2: 0 even in the final, but Ádám overcame the deficit and was on the verge of success. Bence’s legs caught him, who was already able to look into the room of the winners, but the threshold failed to cross now. Nagy Norbi, also from Dorog, who has recently gained one achievement after another, has become one of the bronze medalists, his development has not been interrupted and he has become a dangerous opponent for everyone. Over the course of the evening, players opened more than 100 exit taps, churning out loud exits. Ádám also managed one, but it turned out to be the highest: 138 (T18, T20, D12). Adam also produced 2,180 laps. The final result: First place – dám Felföldi, second place – Bence Gyurkó, third place – Norbert Nagy and Sándor Petrovity.

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the second. 20 people qualified for the Aranyló Series Finals, based on results from previous competitions. In front of the boards stood a strong field. Gal Norby won this series, defeating Odam Vilfoldi 3:2 in the final. dám did not manage to defend the series title, which he won the previous time, but still achieved an impressive result. Maybe he slept in the first two games of the final, maybe it cost him his game, although he came back to 2: 2, but it took his energy. During the evening, Adam threw over 3,180 shots. The final result: 1st place – Norbert Gall, 2nd place – Adam Vilfoldi, 3rd place – Balaz Deutsch and Chapa Kiss

Congratulations to the players!

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