Dorina Galampos was a brunette teen on Megastar: she's now a blonde bombshell - a Hungarian star

Dorina Galampos was a brunette teen on Megastar: she’s now a blonde bombshell – a Hungarian star

Dorena pigeon We met as a wild 19-year-old girl on the first season of Megastar, which began in October 2003.

She was also collected by her ex-husband by TV2’s talent scout: United lead Barna Bailey took a seat on the jury. They married in 2013 and announced in 2018 that they had decided to divorce.

Dorina Galampos in Star Contender

Dorina Galampos was among the top 12 contestants on the first season of Megastar, and was knocked out of the show for the second time. In 2008, he founded the band Mrs Columbo, which played on the jazz line, and in 2020 he launched the electronically arranged band Diora, which targets the younger age group, and also performs and composes songs with a group called Izzó.

Dorina Galampos with her gold album Megastar in her hand at the finals of TV music talent show Megastar on April 3, 2004 in Millenary Park.

Photo: MTI / Tamás Kovács

Over the years, the beautiful brown-haired girl has become an attractive woman who has switched to blonde hair. In the spring of 2022, not only those who watch their clips and those who attend their concerts will be able to see the 38-year-old star, but also television viewers.

He’s one of 12 contestants on the entertainment show Star in Star, which is now entering its eighth season starting Sunday evening, February 6, 2022, to show just how much he can hide in another musician’s skin every week.


Dorina Galampos finds the show quite a challenge because the artist has to copy not only her vocal character, but her technique as well.

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– Imagine you got a famous Michael Jackson or pop star! It is not enough to raise someone’s voice out loud, your movements must be removed. I’m really interested in what it’s like to hide in a man’s skin. I think it’s easier for a girl to bring a boy than for boys who dress up as a girl to wear high heels. It generates a lot of funny situations, but I’m excited about the tasks I’m going to do.

Star Pigeon Dorina

“Of course, there are speakers that I really enjoy listening to anyway, I’ve listened a lot in my life, and I know I could shape them more easily, and we might like them. It would be good if I got one,” he admitted in his introductory video.

GwM’s wife, Megastar’s great Melanie

Edina Kolksar’s new husband, Melanie Nagy, told DikH Radio’s RTL Klub reporter at her brand new workplace. The number of followers of the beautiful woman on Instagram grew from 50,000 to 30,000 in just a few days. Although he is not drawn to competition now, he appeared in the fourth season of TV2’s talent hunt for Megastar in 2008.

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