Dóra Madarász managed to reach the World Table Tennis Championships with an amazing feat

Dóra Madarász qualified for the singles round of 64 with an impressive victory, while Bence Majoros lost in the first round of the World Singles Table Tennis Championships that kicked off Saturday in Durban, South Africa.

Ranked 87th in the world rankings, Madarász’s advance deserved the bravura title not only because he bid farewell to Austrian Sofia Polkanova (12), second in the continental rankings, European champion holder, but also because he beat 1:3. He won the first set in a close fight, but Continuing on, the opponent was in control, and after winning games two, three, and four with relative ease, it looked like they were going to advance.

However, Madarasz did not give up, equalized, and in the final set she concentrated admirably, despite Polkanova calling the time at 2-4, the Hungarian won 7-2. However, the end was close, but Madaras managed to take advantage of her second match point, reaching the round of 64, where she will meet the winner of the duel between Sutirtha Mukherjee from India and Tatyana Kukolkova from Slovakia.

“I led 1: 0 and 7-4, but then the second set passed and I also lost the thread – The 29-year-old Hungarian player reported to MTI. However, my opponent relaxed at the time, released his hand and turned around. Fortunately, I was able to collect the fifth game with relative ease, which gave me confidence to carry on. European champion. And also for the fact that I was able to achieve what I have been practicing for a long time. he added.

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Dóra Madarász indicated that she hasn’t dealt with holding on yet, as she still has a women’s doubles match waiting for her on Saturday, and she will compete in the mixed doubles on Sunday.

Majoros (86th rank) soon found himself in a three-set deficit against Eugene Wang (85th rank), who was born in China and competes in Canadian colours, and although he managed to come back to 2:3, the opponent was finally victorious in six matches. Majoros will be interested in doubles alongside WC’s Dane Anders Lind.

The duo Nandor Xiki, Odam Sozodi and the duo Georgina Botha and Dora Madarasz also won the first round of the doubles competition.

13th European Championships bronze medalist, Ecseki, collided with Nigeria’s dual opponent Sode, and although he didn’t find rhythm in the first three sets, he forced the paper form in the end and managed to turn it around. Of the 32, it is followed by a Brazilian or a domestic competitor.

After the valiant success achieved in singles, Madarász also excelled with Póta at his side, as they faced a Nigerian opponent and cruised ahead with a fumbling victory. In the second round, the Indian duo Archana Girish Kamath and Manika Batra are waiting for them.

Results (based on competition website):
Men’s Singles Round 1 (to reach the round of 64):
Eugene Wang (CAN) – Bence Majoros 4-2 (8, 4, 7, -6, -7, 10)

Women’s singles first round (to reach the round of 64):
Dóra Madarasz-Sofia Polcanova (Austria) 4-3 (9, -7, -7, -4, 2, 11, 9)

Men’s Doubles Round 1 (to reach the Round of 32):
Nándor Ecseki, Ádám Szudi-Quadri Aruna, Bode Abiodun (Nigerian) 3-2 (14, -5, -8, 4, 3)

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Women’s Doubles Round 1 (to reach the last 32):
Georgina Póta, Dóra Madarász-Offiong Edem, Cecilia Akpan (Nigerian) 3-0 (5, 3, 10)


Women’s singles first round (to reach the round of 64):
Heartbreaker Leoni Ni Xia Lien (Luxembourg) 10/19/2019

Cover Photo:
Dóra Madarász in the round of 16 between Hungary and Japan at the Tokyo Olympics (Photo: MTI/Tibor Illyés)

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