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DOOM II is incredibly beautiful with its free ray tracing system

DOOM II is incredibly beautiful with its free ray tracing system

It's simply extraordinary how DOOM II's 30th anniversary can look this year with improved ray tracing, as if it's not the same game.

Daniel Boddy

01/11/2024 – I tried to give the article as little of a “weird” title as possible, but perhaps I wasn't able to fully achieve it. But please forgive me, I'm a fan of the atomic, ancestral, super-mundane DOOM, who gloats with sincere, childlike enthusiasm before a work he could only have encountered in his wildest dreams.

A modder named “Saltim” surprised us in 2022 with the original 1993 DOOM game With ray tracing mode, Which was actually a complete remastering, or perhaps much more, updating id Software's classic FPS game to such an extent. Well, ever since then I've longed, and many of us still long for, a perfect ray-traced mod in DOOM II, since that mod was only fully compatible with the first game, and unfortunately didn't work properly with Demon Annihilation II . It's a sad fact that it's completely under the radar, avoiding everyone's attention, but that was fixed in the same year, just a few months later, with a mod that adapts PrBoom with ray tracing to DOOM II, making it unimaginably amazing for the 30th Legend this year.

And no, I'm not exaggerating!

After installing the improved ray tracing mod, DOOM II has been completely revamped not only in its visuals, but also in its atmosphere and gameplay. Ray tracing technology makes soft shadow effects terrifyingly realistic, which also means we'll have a very dark experience due to enclosed spaces and somewhat sparse light sources. I can often compare it to DOOM 3, in which we often cannot survive without a flashlight, and we will not even turn off the electric torch in DOOM II, which is tricked out with ray tracing. Because of this, the gameplay becomes much slower than in the original go-and-shoot games, here, if you do not pay attention to suspicious shadows (which will get hot), you can quickly bite the Martian sand.

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Much respect and thanks to the designer called Rellik66, who, like Sultim, offers his wonderful creation to all fans for free. However, it is important that although the creators do not charge a single forint for the mod, the presence of DOOM II is a prerequisite – On Gog They ask for approximately 1,800 HUF (if you don't have it already). It is also a good idea to have a ray tracing capable video card on your computer, without which black magic will not work.

Mod and point by point installation guide You can find it on Moddb.

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