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Don't miss these six beloved Netflix series in 2024

Don't miss these six beloved Netflix series in 2024

Despite the amazing ratings, Netflix's hit series six will almost certainly not continue into 2024.

Daniel Boddy

12.02.2024 – Although Netflix is ​​gearing up for 2024 with a huge amount of viewership, including not one or two fan-favorite series, unfortunately there are quite a few hit series waiting longer than they should. This is also very sad, because there are many ongoing stories that fans have been waiting patiently but with increasing anxiety for years. Although this year will go by without the next six series, there's no need to worry at all about their fate: they've been such a hit that Netflix has not only ordered the next seasons, but also confirmed the next ones, which won't wait until 2025.

It has been two years since Eddie, who introduced himself as a new character, sang the legendary Metallica song in the middle of Tótágas, which on paper should have been enough to complete the new season. But life intervened: due to the strike of American actors and writers, filming scheduled for 2023 was halted, so the Duffer brothers will continue working on the fifth season and also the final season in 2024.

When is expected? – Mid 2025

Tim Burton's spin-off series about the eccentric teenage daughter of the Addams family was an unexpected success, so for a long time there was no doubt that a second season would be ordered. But as in Stranger Things, work did not go smoothly here either, not only because of the strike that lasted several months, but also because the crew had to change location in Romania again. Although it was incorrectly reported in the Hungarian press that the second season of Wednesday's could be filmed in Hungary,… According to the deadline Filming will begin in the spring – instead of Budapest – in Ireland.

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When is expected? – End of 2025

If everything had gone well, fans would have seen a continuation of the already feel-good drama this year, but – Also because of the strike – As expected, we still have to wait a long time. Season 4 was ordered from Netflix in October, which means filming hasn't started yet, and it's not really known when it will, but you can't expect much from it.

When is expected? – Mid-late 2025 or early 2026

4. Butter – Season 4

Before the first season, the adaptation of the Polish fantasy novel series was perhaps considered one of, if not the most anticipated modern fantasy series in the world – thanks in large part to the video game adaptation, which introduced the world to Geralt of Rivia, alias Butterflies. Unfortunately, even Henry Cavill, known to be a worldly fan, couldn't save Netflix's Monster Hunter, which, despite not having a huge viewership, lost the still acceptable quality and the lead actor himself. The new actor is Liam Hemsworth, who reportedly originally applied for the role, but was ruled out due to Cavill. Netflix is ​​giving fans some time to process the infrequent change in the main character, so this year the only Butters content is made up of Cavill's face and the distinctive voiceover from the games. Jack: Sirens from the depths It will be an animated movie.

When is expected? – Mid-late 2025

I honestly don't understand the frenzy surrounding Netflix's adaptation of One Piece, which is actually not solidly better than average. Of course, by the standards of the service provider, we could even call it perfect, so those who don't subscribe to anything else and don't consume content elsewhere might hallucinate it as great. But my opinion doesn't change the fact: the live-action One Piece movie is a huge success – and is clearly the fourth most popular Japanese anime in the world, after Dragon Ball, Naruto and Bleach. In light of this, it is clear that it has not been interrupted, in any case, there is still a lot to be told of the endless sea stories that put Friends to shame for those who do not want to embark on an adventure spanning 21 seasons and more than 1000 episodes.

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When is expected? – The end of 2025 at the earliest, and mid-2026 at the latest

Due to its success, Virgin River will also return for a sixth season, which, in addition to Jack and Mel's parenting efforts, will also feature Lizzie's pregnancy, Bree and Mike's relationship, and the fallout from the bushfires – the latter of which is further complicated by the discovery of Wes's presumed body. So there will be no shortage of excitement, and unfortunately due to the strike it doesn't go ahead as planned either, so filming will only begin in the spring of 2024.

When is expected? – Sometime in 2025 at the earliest

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