Don't leave me here, Joe!  "Biden's Afghan savior begs for his life".

Don’t leave me here, Joe! “Biden’s Afghan savior begs for his life”.

Thirteen years ago, when Joe Biden and two other Senators, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, made an emergency landing due to a snowstorm and were stranded in a remote valley in Afghanistan, a man named Muhammad helped them escape. The man, who works as a translator and is currently in hiding from the Taliban, has now asked the US president, via the Wall Street Journal, to return the favor for 2008.

Hello sir! Please save me and my family“- Quoted from the 36-year-old in The Wall Street Journal, who requested that his full name be withheld in order for his hiding to remain successful. “Don’t forget me herebegged.

Muhammad is still hiding from the Taliban with his wife and four children after years of attempts to leave Afghanistan bogged down in the bureaucracy’s web. He is also one of the allies of the United States left behind when the U.S. military withdrew from the country twenty years later.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki thanked the interpreter for his service on Tuesday and said the United States remains committed to expelling its Afghan allies from the country. “We take you outMs. Psaki said after a Wall Street Journal reporter read Muhammad’s letter.

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