Don't leave anyone behind, they will find them and kill them

Don’t leave anyone behind, they will find them and kill them

Don’t leave anyone behind because they will be found and killed – a tragic statement made to Fox News by an Afghan translator described, with the help of his pregnant wife’s story, conditions in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

On the American television program directed An Afghan translator requested anonymity.

During the broadcast, the man, struggling with tears and making a hesitant voice, recounted that his pregnant wife mixed with him in Kabul and was only able to reach safety after a long procedure. Like several thousand Afghans, he targeted Kabul airport, where he waited about 12 hours, during which time he was unable to speak to a single officer. Although he had all the necessary papers and documents in his possession.

After a long wait, he managed to approach the gate, where a guard finally helped him out of the crowd.

The Afghan translator has a strong view of the situation in Afghanistan and the work of the Joe Biden administration.

Don’t leave anyone behind, otherwise they will be found and killed, the situation in Afghanistan is very bad now

He sent a message to the President of the United States and its leadership.

Joe Biden’s sudden and disorderly withdrawals dominated the Taliban in Afghanistan in days, with the Biden government He released his allies. More and more people see that a Regularly behaving strangely With Biden’s mental state There could be serious problems.

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