Don’t forget to transfer your games from the Launcher to Steam!

As we wrote earlier, Bethesda has decided to discontinue its own framework, the launcherher job. This event is happening tomorrow, so anyone can start a Quake Champions match or get into Fallout 76 from there today, but then that won’t be possible.

Of course, purchased games are not lost: everything you bought (or got for free) on the Launcher can be transferred to Steam. All it takes is a few clicks: a On the page created for the transfer After logging in (and if we haven’t already, link our Steam account) we can start transferring games to Steam. Transferring archives in-game can be a bit more complicated, for that matter Additional instructions have been posted.

And don’t panic even if someone misses the deadline tomorrow, because the operator will only be closed at that time, and the transfer can even start later. More details It can be read here.


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