Donald Trump social app on Play Store with download history

Donald Trump social app on Play Store with download history

Lots of people tried to sign up for the new app interface when they started, and tens of thousands were in the queue.

Donald Trump’s new social media interface, Truth Social, launched late last night on the Cupertino techie app store. The platform will practically be an alternative to Twitter, with the difference that content that does not violate the guidelines will not be subject to censorship.

The first version of the app was available shortly before midnight on Sunday, and by Monday morning it was the most downloaded app on the App Store – read on CNBC in his report.

The majority of users complained that they had problems while registering because many of them wanted to login on the first day as there was no space left, so they had to create queues.

The invited youngsters were already able to see how the platform worked firsthand during the testing phase, and many were surprised by how transparent and easy it was to work with, making Twitter a worthwhile contender.

Donald Trump was also banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube due to the Capitol blockade last January. The former US president was accused of setting fire to a crowd of protesters with the messages he posted on these online platforms.

Although no evidence of the charges has been presented by the big companies since then, the ban remained in effect, so the former head of state decided to form the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) to develop the Truth Social, which would eventually become. Be tight in general. It happened.

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