Donald Trump promised to build ten new cities and flying vehicles

March 4, 2023 – 12:12 PM

According to Donald Trump, his country has lost its courage, so he advised to build ten new “freedom cities” on the territory of the United States, thus creating a new future in America – Trump’s ambitious plans have been reported before CNN.

However, not only did Trump stop at the idea of ​​ten brand-new cities, he was also going to revolutionize transportation:

He talked about the fact that in the near future Americans can use flying cars.

He said that large American and Chinese companies are competing to be the first to develop flying vehicles for families and individuals. “America, not China, will lead the innovation in air transport as well,” he added.

Trump a In a four-minute video He talked about how America once carried out projects that seemed utterly unimaginable. According to him, that audacity has been forgotten in recent times – although, according to his claim, he tried to launch such large projects during his four-year presidency.

He also called on American representatives to support pro-natal programs and stand behind his plan to renew the United States. “Let’s remove the ugly buildings and transform our parks,” he added. It is no coincidence that Donald Trump lists his plans for the future and what he considers necessary. He was the first to announce a few months ago that he would run for president in 2024.

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