Donald Trump lost an important lawsuit

Donald Trump lost an important lawsuit

The committee rejected a request from Trump’s legal team to suspend an October 7 lower court ruling directed at US accounting firm Mazars USA, which has long been working to make these documents available to Democratic Manhattan Attorney Cyrus Vance.

Work continues

– In his letter, Vance, who had previously mentioned, confirmed that he would request the release of these documents without delay in the event of a supporting judgment. In 2019, the Attorney General sent a subpoena to Mazars to issue corporate and personal tax returns for the president for an eight-year term.

The Supreme Court, which also serves as the Constitutional Court, had already ruled the case last July, rejecting Trump’s argument that he, as president in office, enjoys immunity from a criminal investigation.

Although the current president of the United States is not required by law to disclose his tax returns and funds, as has been the case since the 1970s, all presidents except Donald Trump have done so.

Trump is on trial in several cases in the United States, related to his personal and business activities.

Also on Monday, the Supreme Court decided to act under a 2019 government decree cutting federal funding to all health clinics and family planning institutions that provide, among other health services, abortions to women as part of family planning.

Likewise, the committee will examine the legality of some of the stringent immigration rules adopted by Trump.

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