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Donald Trump is getting ready for a comeback

Donald Trump is getting ready for a comeback

At the nearly two-hour “Save America” ​​event, the former president said, referring to the midterm elections in November of this year, that it was important for Republicans to regain majorities in both the House and Senate. “There’s a big red wave starting here in Arizona and it’s going to sweep across this country,” he said, referring to the color of the Republican Party.

Although Trump has not announced that he will run again in the 2024 presidential election, he has encouraged people to go to the polls anyway. “I think 2024 is going to be more important, (but) this year (2022) we’re going to get the House back, we’re going to get the Senate, we’re going to get America back. That’s very important. And in 2024 we’re going to get back the White House.” Donald Trump said.

“People are hungry for truth: they want their country back,” Trump said, referring again to the 2020 election fraud he had repeatedly mentioned earlier. “We have always been considered a beautiful country with fair elections and now we are laughed at around the world in many ways,” he said.

The former Republican president also criticized some of the media, calling the allegations of electoral abuse “baseless” and “big lies” but he “still refuses to talk about them.” Trump argues that the reason is that the media is “in the pockets of the Radical Left Democrats, and in the pockets of the same people who are destroying our country.” In his words, “The radical Democrats want to make a communist state out of the United States.” The former president explained that the media were “complicit” in the election of Biden. “If the press had been honest, the choice would have been much different,” he added.

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Referring to the foreign policy of Democrat Joe Biden, the incumbent president, Trump said Biden had “humiliated” the American nation on the “world stage”. According to the former president, the recent actions and speeches of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Qinping also indicate “disrespect.” “We’ve never had such a problem before. There was no problem with Putin and Ukraine. There was no problem with President Xi and Taiwan. China, Russia and Iran are aggressive and provocative. They wouldn’t have dared to do that for a year,” Trump said.

The former president also criticized the Biden-led administration’s actions against the coronavirus, highlighting the role of Anthony Fauci, the White House epidemiologist, who Pompeo said “made him king.” Describing the current government’s epidemiological measures as a “crime,” he said, “We gave Joe Biden all the means, but he failed. (.) Unable to keep up. Unable. In fact, improper.”

As he said, he’s four times as infected with Covid today as he did during his presidency, and to imitate Biden’s voice, he remembered Joe Biden’s campaign promise when the then-presidential candidate said “I’m going to get rid of Covid.” (In such rhetoric, the former president is clearly beyond the fact that the omicron variant is producing so many new cases all over the world, that traditional forms of defense no longer work.)

On January 6, 2021, Trump described the commission of inquiry into the attacks on the Capitol as “unelected” and a “political joke”, and condemned the “inhumane” treatment of detainees during the attack on the US House of Representatives. “What happens to these people in prison, why don’t they do the same to members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter? Democrats celebrated their indefinite detention without trial,” the former president said.

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In general, the former president was very critical of his successor. “We all knew Joe Biden was not going to be good,” Trump said, “but few people would have thought that whatever they were doing would be a disaster for this country.” In addition to the poor management of the coronavirus pandemic, he also pointed to extremely high inflation and gasoline prices.

Incidentally, the new Republican governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, was inaugurated on Saturday. In his speech, the Republican politician-turned-entrepreneur said, among other things, that in schools, as he put it, “politics will be removed from the classroom and children will be taught math, reading and history again.” With this, the governor hinted that there was a particularly heated debate in Virginia about whether NGOs could hold classes for underage students about homosexuality. “Parents have a right to have a say in what they teach their children at school,” Glenn Youngkin said.

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