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Dolly’s Ex-Manager Speaks Out: ‘She Always Said Me And My Parents Are Her Family’

Dolly’s Ex-Manager Speaks Out: ‘She Always Said Me And My Parents Are Her Family’

A horrific story came to light a few weeks ago in Gyöngyös, when a yard full of already sick or dead animals was filtered out. Dolly and the ranch owner inform each other about Rita, the singer. Story recently investigated their relationship.

“That’s when our relationship really deteriorated.”

Rita does not respond to Dolly’s formal statement for a long time, distancing herself from him, firing him, and holding him responsible for animal cruelty. He tells us how their relationship got to this point. “Dolly always said my parents and I were her family and acted like that. He would spend the holidays with us, and my mom and I would often cook for him, and he would take home cooked food for himself. We talked on the phone several hours a day, and knew everything about each other. It was just like my mom – started Rita, who first became a good friend of a fan, then manager, then Dolly’s heiress. They had big plans together, he says, they wanted to move into a house where they could live Together the dogs will also have suitable conditions on the estate. “Last year, it finally seemed like we could move in with the dogs.” Dolly even booked us a house, but eventually changed her mind. He said it was dark, he couldn’t create there, and he was far away. That’s when our relationship really deteriorated. He didn’t care what would happen to the animals, to me, how we would survive another winter without a roof or heat. When he came to collect the dogs on May 25th, he told the authorities there was nothing wrong here , and that we will move to Majosháza, although there was no talk of such a thing anymore, because he did not want to.

For a long time, only the residents of the neighborhood could have anticipated what was going on at the farm (Photo: Archives)

“I’m waiting for how much you charge”

Rita does not want and cannot avoid responsibility. But he says he himself doomed himself to the fate of living with animals in inhumane conditions. He did not want to leave them alone, but due to lack of money, he could not provide him or them with adequate living conditions. He didn’t have a manager’s salary, he claims, he worked for Dolly for free. “When he felt like it, he gave money for the expenses of the company, for example, the purchase of a printer, technical products, rent and food for the dogs. A small amount of this was left, usually enough to pay for utilities. If, for example, I needed money for a veterinarian, I had to ask for it every time. That’s when he decided whether to give or not. There were many problems with this. Why has he put himself in such a weak position. ‘Because I’m such a fool.’ You can only do with everyone what you allow. But I’m not surprised that Dolly has done this to me. I’m waiting to see how much he sues, for I haven’t shut up. The truth is, if it were up to me, we wouldn’t do it that way. Man can’t take care of so many animals, even if he works side by side with them. I haven’t wanted to make a statement for a long time, but things have been said about me that transcend all bounds, and I no longer want to listen to them. No more. I have nothing to lose!”

Unfortunate circumstances prevailed in the famous court (Photo: Archives)

Can the beneficiary be different?

The former trusting relationship is now a thing of the past, Dolly cut off all contact with Rita weeks ago, and she is not interested in the singer either. “If we met, I would have passed by him without saying hi. After what I’ve done to him and the band he stabbed me in the back! I don’t think we should talk about anything in life,” says Rita, who guesses she’s no longer Dolly’s heir. —I’m sure that in the early days of the scandal he rewrote his will, in which he could have named someone else as beneficiary.

File a lawsuit against your former employer

Attorney Rita D. Martin Peter Kirali told Storey that they had taken the necessary legal action on behalf of his client. “My client had an ongoing working relationship, but he did not receive a salary, so we are in the process of filing an employment case against Pop-Melody Bt., which employs him, and my client also filed a complaint. My client was forced into this situation. Regarding the animal protection fine of HUF 27 million that was imposed on my client, although we used legal remedies, we initiated an administrative lawsuit in the Miskolc District Court.”

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