Doha is not ready for the soccer world cup that starts next week

Workers are working non-stop to prepare Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, which begins next week. the The Daily Telegraph Sa the sun According to him, the fans are still nowhere to be found, while the fans who were close to the goal are now making noise because of the wind.

According to a recent report, the organizers have let the work continue, and now they’re in an almost stop-and-go battle until everything is finally ready for the start. All this appeared shortly after the former president of FIFA, Joseph Blatter said it was a mistake to go to Qatar FIFA World Championship 2022.

Workers work with great energy in warehousesSource: Agence France-Presse / Joel Samad

Meanwhile, fans are short on space: for some luxury hotel apartments you have to pay 23 thousand pounds per night, or a million forints, while other clubs offer sleeping cabins designed in containers for 200 pounds per night (88). thousand forints).

Sleeping cabins in the village of ZarkoulSource: AFP / Kirill Kudryavtsev

English newspapers are especially saddened by the fact that the complex that serves the national team is almost in ruins. The Sun claims workers are working in 35-degree heat and in protective clothing to finish a swimming pool for the England national team.

A little over a week before the opening, there is still a lot to doSource: AFP / Kirill Kudryavtsev

Plus, with the fan club and infrastructure that forms a part of it, the organizers are running almost like a panic, and workers are lying down next to the work area to rest, from the 24-hour shift, in order to finish the area prepared to receive 40,000 fans at Al Bidda Park at a time. the appropriate. At the same time, the stadiums and the metro system installed on the road are all underground, but the street lights on the road have not yet been unloaded from vdfli.

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