Does Gearbox work on Borderlands 4?

a Motion vector Its leader denied rumors about the future of the franchise.

There was a rumor that Gearbox was in assistant mode in joint development of a new functionality BorderlandsMakes a game, possibly countless minor. This Randy PitchfordGearbox head a On Twitter Also denied: The rumors are not true, as Gearbox will continue to be the lead developer in the following parts of the Borderlands franchise, so there will be no doubt about any help from the Pitchford team.

Here, however, we are pointing out that in the case of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, A. 2K The Australian studio was working on the game and Gearbox was just a helper here! There are even tales from Borderlands, although they were very different in genre: Telltale Games was the episodic adventure game he was used to, even though the story contained a dark visual world typical of the franchise.

Pitchford is another thing Tweet between Sequel Workshops. Gearbox Software does something amazing, we hope it makes us happy and has a surprising impact on us. Then he jokingly drew attention to job vacancies (Skills Even Bill Paying: Skills With Which We Can Pay Bills). Open positions Here We can find, according to Pitchford, “They are working on the great thing.” Looking at the privilege, this means that it is not a single thing, rather it is Borderlands 4Around.

This is Kotaku To explore We must point out. Pitchford’s wording is almost the same he used in 2015: He was still looking for people for an unannounced project, and finally Borderlands 3 Come true. Rumor has it that this game will be something different, which could mean some things: It could be a MMO-like multiplayer game with a big and common world (Destiny, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone …).

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Do keep in mind that Gearbox is now part of the Embracer Group. This company started to grow amazingly in recent years, and when the acquisition took place, new IP concepts were also talked about. They might have the capacity to, but the studio has a good chance of staying in Borderlands …

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