Does Former Cowboys RB Joseph Randle need Rehab?

430a9ff539ebdf550ef1e9088db4c44b-e1413312613124Ex- Cowboys running back Joseph Randle has been jailed for hitting three people with a car in Wichita, Kansas. According to the Associated Press, police officer James Espinoza reported that Randle was ordered to leave a housewarming party the night of February 21. Upon leaving the house, he hit the two owners and another man as he back out of the driveway. The officer also stated that Randle returned and broke through the front door. Espinoza says Randle was in possession of marijuana when he was arrested. Although none of the victims were seriously injured, Randle has been placed on a $100,000 bond on suspicion of aggravated battery, drug possession and criminal damage to property.


If many remember correctly, Randle was released from the Cowboys last fall due to several run-ins with the law as well as his record of sports gambling. His release on November 3, 2015 was due to a combination of several issues that led the Cowboys to question his mental stability, along with involving himself in sporting wagers in the 2015 football season.


After former Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray went to the Philadelphia Eagles, Joseph Randle was named the Cowboys staring running back for the 2015 football season. After backing up the 2014 NFL rushing leader, Randle finished the 2014 season with 507 rushing yards. Clearly Randle had huge shoes to fill. Many were saying that he was not going to be enough for the Cowboys to get the job done. Ultimately, this can put tons of pressure on a player; pressure that Joseph Randle could not handle. Sources have shown that the Cowboys and the NFL have offered Randle help on several situations since his release from the Cowboys, and he’s refused to accept.

There is still time for the 24-year old to turn his life around and become a positive role model for the youth that look up to him. This goes beyond football. Randle has his life to think about and unless he wants to spend the rest of it behind bars, he must seek help while he is still able to.   


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