Does anyone remember the good Bottas overrun?

Does anyone remember the good Bottas overrun?

Former Formula 1 driver Jolyon Palmer has come under fire from Valtteri Bottas. The British say when it comes to fighting in the field, Bottas never performs.

His playoff performance has been more robust in recent years, but now bakuban He did not go to him on Saturday, he was only ten. He only finished again in the race, finishing 12th. Palmer noted that he hadn’t really made any progress during the race.

“Stuck behind Lando Norris, they were on the same strategy, with the same engine. He was sitting in a car that made Lewis Hamilton much faster than McLaren,” Palmer told Checkered Flag Podcastspin. “Every time you can see that Bottas is very weak in the fight against the wheel. If you get into the midfield, with a lot of cars around, you won’t be able to move forward. At best, he will hold his position, but will likely fall back. Does anyone remember getting past a good Bottas? It’s hard for a guy to remember getting past him. If he’s in the middle, he stays there too. Or just slipping down. His start was like last year at Monza, where he started from the beginning and fell backwards the same way. In the end, he only passed Haas, Lewis Hamilton, who got through the fallout, and Latif, who got the penalty.”

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“Bottas has been in midfield all weekend,” Palmer continued. “If we compare Hamilton to him, what he did all the way seems to be magical. In the meantime, Bottas fought for Q3. So we can say it was a great performance from Lewis this weekend for his mistake.”

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