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Doctors said that the 4-year-old girl had heartburn only, and she died hours later

Doctors said that the 4-year-old girl had heartburn only, and she died hours later

A four-year-old girl died days after doctors misdiagnosed her with heartburn. When a small last month Nora Terry Bristow He developed a fever, vomiting, and a headache, so his parents called the doctor to their home. Doctors thought the four-year-old had gastroenteritis, but his symptoms worsened over the weekend and he was unresponsive on Monday morning, August 28.

Photo: GoFundMe

Her mother Ally Broughton, 31, and father Trey Terry Bristow, 30, took their daughter to Gold Coast University Hospital, where she was diagnosed with rare bacterial meningitis. The little girl died two days later.

About 300 people attended his traditional Maori funeral at Alambi Gardens on Tuesday. Nora’s parents thanked Dr. Sebastien Rimbaud and the ICU nurses for taking care of Nora.

2023. On August 30, we said goodbye to our princess. The statement says. “His entire family surrounded him and he will forever be in our hearts and we will always cherish our memories of him and all the laughter and joy he brought to our lives.”

They also urged other parents to get their children to the hospital as soon as possible if they had doubts about their condition.

“When we got to the hospital, the treatment was useless because the infection had spread so quickly. This rare form of meningitis causes severe brain damage, and there is no prevention or treatment that can save anyone who has it.

There is no vaccine for the strain that attacked Noura.

For the sake of the family GoFundMe Page, they organized a group in order to reduce funeral costs. Gold Coast radio presenter Emily Jade O’Keefe, whose children were friends of Nora’s, said she had enriched the lives of everyone who knew her.

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Our hearts break for them and our lives will never be the same again. – Tell. “It was all sunshine and laughter. It’s just so sad.”

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