Docks sold out: 1,000 more sailboats will be parked on Lake Balaton

Docks sold out: 1,000 more sailboats will be parked on Lake Balaton

Fenyves Yacht Club can provide a total of 244 berths for sailboats on Lake Balaton. Currently, they all have a host and over a dozen others waiting to enter. Gabor Diack As per the problem is not unique, the queue is long at each port. There seems to be a demand for free berths.

“Building a port costs an incredible amount, and it doesn’t really pay off,” said Gabor Diack. Most of the work, about two-thirds, is done in the water, which costs much more than building on the shore. Dredging work and the construction of the main dam is not cheap, so only those who are really obsessed will build a new port. Yacht club owner Fenyves added that after the regime change, only a few harbors were built in Lake Balaton that could accommodate at least two hundred boats, although there was a great need for places, because Lake Balaton could not exist without them. navigation.

– With such high prices, the business world and the business community are not interested in construction. I think the ports should be built in the style of the Austrian ski paradise. Gabor Diack said that many hotels and wine bars could be built around the pier, and services could be provided that would allow the place to run economically. A field of buoys can even be built in Lake Balaton for mooring small boats. However, current rules do not allow this.

Chaba ZsijaAccording to the ship’s owner Fonyód, even if many people opposed it, there would still be a great need for new ports on Lake Balaton. He added that due to the large boats, smaller watercraft were pushed out of the Hungarian sea, so for example, ancient sailing dynasties with a long history could not change their place next to the docks.

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