Do you recognize VV Leo at age 45?  The real world heartbeat of 2004 now looks like this - the local star

Do you recognize VV Leo at age 45? The real world heartbeat of 2004 now looks like this – the local star

Zolt Nagy VV Leo Known as the country in the third series of Real World: He moved to the villa on January 5, 2004, he spent a total of 159 days between the cameras around the clock. In the end, only a hair was separated from the victory, winning the series VV Milo.

After the reality show, he also tried his hand as a presenter and founded his own film production company, producing content for Sláger TV and Fishing and Hunting. He returned to the RTL club screen in November 2019 at The Chef VIP.

VV Leo on TV2’s Totem

The 45-year-old star will soon boost Team Deer in TV2’s Totem reality adventure, which begins on August 22, 2021. According to his confession, he really loves nature walks, photography, and hasn’t accidentally done many nature-related work.

“I’ve been invited to perform in many places, and when the subject of this show came up, I couldn’t say no. I can’t imagine a situation during the match stopping me: I feel good high, underwater, in a cave. I’m not saying I’m not afraid and my heart It doesn’t beat because I would be amazed to say it, but I love it so much that I struggle with those obstacles and fears,” he said. In the introductory video for TV2.

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Under the direction of Nóra Ördög, in Totem, viewers can actually head into the stunning landscapes of Bakony: in the camp of wolves and deer, seven celebrities will gather for each other. Place the seven crystals with mysterious powers and lead their team to victory. At the end of Adventure Reality, the most talented adventurer will have to fight in pairs for the first prize of 10 million, which will then be shared at the discretion of two members of the winning team.

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In our collection, you can see who are the stars who power the deer team at the totem show, with the exception of Leo Zsolt Nagy.

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