Do you like dinosaurs?  Then it's good, because now you can build your own Jurassic Park for free!

Do you like dinosaurs? Then it’s good, because now you can build your own Jurassic Park for free!

Legendary melodies have already sounded in our heads.

Even though the Epic Games Store Christmas promotion has expired – thanks to which we were able to get more games every day for free – don’t worry, because From now on, they will once again give up on great work as a week old we. Her first actor appeared in 2018 The evolution of the Jurassic world, Ami A fun park simulatorAs a hungry T-Rex, you can consume our available free time.

The game was put together by Frontier Developments, to which we used to owe the classic games Rollercoaster Tycoon String, prof Zoo dealerOr, just that Elite: Dangerous Franchise. So no wonder about that An unforgettable world of Jurassic Park It also provides an opportunity in treating it to assemble our dream garden and, in extreme cases, the nightmares of those who visit it.

In the evolution of the Jurassic world We can choose from more than 50 types of dinosaurs, While we are free to choose whether to focus on entertainment, safety, or science in our new garden. To do this, we will have to solve various missions, which will not be easy only due to the enthusiastic weather. We’ll deal with earthquakes, tropical storms and volcanic eruptionsWhich even our most dangerous dinosaurs might get rid of.

More good news that prof Already known characters from movies – Jeff Goldblum, B.D. Wong and Bryce Dallas Howard – are also back in the game, i.e. 24 hours (!) Of low volume playbackR. promises. For a Jurassic World Evolution Visit the Epic Games store, Where January 7 (Thursday) you can get it for free until 4:59 PM..

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