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Do you know why diesel fuel is called gas oil?

Do you know why diesel fuel is called gas oil?

A few days ago, the editorial office wondered why diesel oil is called diesel. We found the answer after a little digging, and the story is much more interesting than any of us initially thought.

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” when products with the higher boiling point of petroleum had very few uses, it was approx. A fraction with a boiling point between 300-350 °C (oily in texture) was produced by thermal cracking at 700-800 °C to produce so-called petroleum gas (“petroleum gas”). It is in fact a gas that can be produced from oil, or in other words the raw material for this gas is “diesel oil,” or in other words “gas oil,” explains in detail.

This gas had a high percentage of unsaturation, which is why its brightness was higher than that of “coke oven gas.” This petroleum gas could be transported in a pressure-resistant container, and was used, for example, to light railway cars, and sometimes for city lighting.

So the term diesel oil originally meant the oily part of producing lighting gas.

Therefore, calling automobile fuel diesel is a very imprecise term, and it is not widely used in international practice. This is understandable, because the original purpose is no longer relevant (production of gas from the oil fraction). Accordingly, the use of the term diesel fuel is nowadays, in more stringent professional circles, not uncommon.

However, this is not a professional term for diesel engine propellants. Today it is recommended to use the name diesel – or diesel gas oil – in Hungarian (German: Dieselkraftstoff, English: diesel fuel) regularly and professionally, the trade portal reported.

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It is also worth noting that “gasoline” The word also exists in English, but it does not mean diesel fuel, but rather gasoline (As a synonym for gasoline), so Hungarian “Gas oil” The word diesel is completely wrong…

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