Do you know who lives in your bed?  (x)

Do you know who lives in your bed? (x)

Dyson surveyed cleaning habits in 10 countries around the world with more than 10,000 respondents in a 2020 survey. Results show that every third person cleans only when they notice visible dust on their floor. It also turns out that there are many spots in our home that we tend to slip through when cleaning – mattresses included.

Uninvited guests of the night

Research shows, for example, that more than half of Americans, 58 percent, skip mattress cleaning. However, this is a big mistake, because mattresses are a perfect habitat for house dust mites that feel comfortable in warm, dark, and humid places like our beds. The bed is not only a living resource but also a first-class feeding ground for these microscopically sized organisms that feed on the sheets of dead skin. From this, we “produce” an average of 2-3 grams per person per day and even more at night due to bed friction. There can be millions of dust mites in one mattress, and each mite produces about 20 fecal particles a day, which many can be allergic to.

While Dyson experts say there is no one-size-fits-all recipe that everyone should follow, the good news is that we can do it to accompany uninvited bed guests. A good basic tip is to clean our mattresses thoroughly at least twice a year: once during spring cleaning and once at the end of dust mite season in October. It helps a lot if:

  1. Wash bedding regularly: Washing sheets and blankets weekly at a high temperature is also effective against dust mite excrement.
  2. We sweep gently but firmly: Dust mites can be a small but firm and powerful creature that can cling to the fibers found deep in the mattress. Dyson vacuum cleaners have a so-called “Boost”. With increased suction power it can remove as many dust mites, plaques and allergens as possible.
  3. Hard-to-reach areas are also not excluded: after deep cleaning the surface of the mattress, turn our attention to the gaps and seams where dust and allergens can accumulate. For cleaning around the edge of the mattress, where there may be seams, for example, Dyson has developed a special suction head to work more efficiently.
  4. We also look under the bed: let’s not forget to clean the area under the bed, because it is an ideal environment for dust mites: dark, warm, undisturbed, and abundant in its main food, dead human epithelial cells.
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Accessories complete the overall picture

He also explains that a vacuum cleaner is perhaps the most important tool for cleaning a mattress. When choosing the right vacuum cleaner, it is especially important that the vacuum cleaner stays indoors. This is ensured by several filters built into the device. The Dyson vacuums Designed by the company’s experts as a five-stage filtration system, it provides 99.97 percent filtration even for particles as small as 0.3 microns. Thus, the absorbed dust remains in place: in the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum heads designed for a variety of special tasks are also useful: Turning a Dyson Hair screw into a motorized head-mounted vacuum cleaner, for example, makes cleaning mattresses, upholstery and car seats more efficient.

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