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Do unsaved people benefit from encrypted messages?

Do unsaved people benefit from encrypted messages?

WhatsApp is adding a new functionality, but not everyone is happy with it, she says IFLScience. Through a feature called “Chat Lock”. The user can protect some conversations: only the sender and the content of the message are displayed with a password or biometric identification. Although, according to the company, they would like to make using the app more secure, many people fear that they will only favor the inexperienced with the new feature.

Conversations will be additionally protected. Photo: Getty Images.

“With this option, we want to benefit those who sometimes give their phone to others, or if someone looks at the screen immediately after a secret message arrives,” the company introducing the function explained. It is not yet known exactly when it will be available but it is expected to be announced soon.

At the same time, the news of the development divided people. When Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, which includes WhatsApp, posted the development to Facebook, the feedback wasn’t very flattering.

“Amazing. Thank you for making communications more secure,” wrote one commenter.

Cool, cheaters like thatwrote another.

One sarcastic comment reads: “This will be very helpful for couples.”

Another feature is also introduced: messages will soon be modified 15 minutes after they are sent. In this case, the receiving party only sees that the message has been edited, but not what was originally written to it.

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